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Premium Primer + Sealer

Buckler Paints Smart Prime is a Premium quality acrylic latex based Interior and Exterior Primer cum Sealer specially formulated with excellent whiteness, high hiding and opacity. It has good adhesion and penetration properties with excellent alkali resistant and fast drying properties. Ideal for alkaline substrates like concrete, cement plaster and cementitious based materials.

Direction for use

Surface Preparation: Clean the surface thoroughly to make it free from dust, grease and dirt. Apply a coat of Exterior Smart Prime 2 in 1 (Water thinnable) and allow to dry for 6 to 8 hours. Application: Mix 600 - 750 ml of clean water to 1 litre of Smart Prime Exterior Primer cum Sealer with continuous stirring. For best results apply 1-2 coats of Smart Prime with an interval of 4 hours between successive coats. Features: Good hiding and coverage, Excellent Whiteness, good adhesion properties, Excellent Base coat with sealing properties.


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