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Primer + Paints

System Surface preparation: The surface should be clean , dry and free from any contaminants. Assess and treat the surface prior to paint application. Surface defects should be ground, filled and treated appropriately. Prior to application of primer, sand / grit blasting is recommended. For primed surface, damaged areas should be repaired prior to application of the top coat.

Direction for use

Buckler Paints Epoxy Shield Primer + paint coatings contains two components : a base and a hardener. Mix the base and the hardener in the ratio recommended, to ensure complete Curing of the coatings. Improper ratio leads to sub- standard performance. Stir the base & the hardener in their original containers. Slowly add the hardener to the base with continuous stirring/agitation. Continue stirring/agitation after mixing the base and hardener to achieve a homogeneous mixture .Power agitation is recommended over hand mixing. After though , mixing, add the thinner to achieve desired application viscosity. Do not add thinner to the base or hardener directly. All two component products have a limited pot life. Once mix the paint should be used within the specified time or else it should be discarded . Ensure that the spraying environment is clean and dust free. Substrate temperature should be at least 3 degree centigrade above dew point. The paint can be applied by conventional methods or by airless spray. for detailed product description refer to the technical data-sheet or contact our technical representatives


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