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Our innovative and sustainable paints, coatings and specialty chemicals help to create a protected, colorful world where life is improved by what we do.
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interior finishes

Buckler Paints interior products gives you the high quality and vibrant colour you want in your home. Our brilliances world-class technology and innovation to bring you a wide range of colour choices and excellent features that include breakthrough odour-less technology, low VOC, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, easy Washability, hiding, durability and more.

exterior finishes

Buckler Paints Exterior products will make your home beautiful while protecting it from the elements. Our wide range of exterior paints gives your walls an impression that uses protectiveness and lasts a lifetime. It has shield properties like dirt-pickup-resistance, UV-resistance, water-resistance, alkali-resistance, anti-fungal and anti-algae,. These exterior emulsions will protect and keep the freshness of your home long life.

go green series

Buckler paints believe that it’s more than just a coat of paint that makes your home beautiful. That is why we are committed to safeguarding the future of the planet, and making our country a better place. We are developed with a sustainability mindset so that we leave the smallest possible footprint on the environment, as well as contributing to a brighter and healthier world for this and future generations.

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home painting

Buckler Paints is chosen for our commitment to be the integrity leader in all that we do. We bring a wealth of understanding, technology and innovation to home decorative painting projects. Our dedicated team ensures project success and asset performance with expertise, reliability and guidance.

wood solution

Get expert suggestions on the right products for your prized wooden furniture and artifacts. With specialised products and the right application, we will make sure your home makeover is the stuff of dreams.

water proofing solution

Our expert identify and solve the problem via expert application of specialised preventive and curative products. also avail service like masonry, plumbing, tile fixing and tile grouting based on what you need.

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